In order to obtain real peace we must begin with the children.” – Ghandi


Roots and Fruits is a partnership model of peace and education that empowers children, ages 3 -5, to investigate who they are and where they come from, “roots,” and discover their unique gifts, “fruits,” that they can share with the world. Through experiential learning, games, dialogue, community exploration, and self - reflection all those present are taught to explore all aspects of their cultural identities, families, ideas, multiple intelligences, faiths, customs, traditions, beliefs, music, movement, games, and ways we can work togetherto create peaceful communities.Roots & Fruits is a Nationally Accredited Program through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Peace and Social Justice Camps

BlogPhotoSummer is here and our Peace and Social Justice Camps are under way!!
The Roots & Fruits kiddos are in their third week of “Peace Camp” and have been having a fabulous time engaging in self reflection, journaling, friendship games, art projects, and peace stories.  We have welcomed new friends who are starting early for the 2014-2015 school year, as well as slowly saying goodbye to longtime buddies as kiddos transition into kindergarten!!

Our elementary kids just started this week in their Social Justice Theater and Film Camp, preparing for their theatrical debut of “I Am Not Isabella.” This is an empowering children’s story that describes a little girl’s dreams of being a magnificent, powerful woman when she grows up promoting peace in the world around her!!!  The children are exploring topics on self identity, self affirmation, and women’s history as they learn script writing, set and costume design, and performance.

We are also very excited to host our friends, the Seeds of Peace International Youth Educators, again this summer to engage in song, dance, games, and dialogues on creating peaceful, trusting communities.  The youth have traveled from various States in the U.S., as well from overseas in Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Pakistan, and many other countries.  We look forward to sharing stories of our gathering later this month!!

One Tree is smiling with the beautiful warm summer weather and are excited to continue to welcome new families and friends to our programs.  Please visit our Community Branches pages for registration forms for the Social Justice Camp in August and our Roots & Fruits page for registration materials for the upcoming 2014-2015 preschool year!!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!!! Peace and Smiles – Virginia Dearani, Director